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Interact Club

The Interact Club, as the high school program affiliated with Rotary Club, serves as a dynamic platform for student involvement in community service and leadership. Functioning as a student-led organization, Interact focuses on promoting civic responsibility, fostering personal growth, and instilling a sense of global awareness among its members.

Through a variety of service projects, students actively engage in addressing local and international issues, honing essential skills such as collaboration, communication, and problem-solving. Participation in Interact allows students to connect with peers who share a passion for community service, as well as establish valuable connections with Rotary Club members and other community leaders.

The organization emphasizes the Rotary principles of service above self and promotes a commitment to ethical behavior. Additionally, Interact's activities contribute to students' overall college and career readiness, highlighting their dedication to community involvement and leadership. Overall, the Interact Club serves as a vital conduit for high school students to develop as responsible, globally-minded citizens with a strong emphasis on making a positive impact in their communities and beyond.

Sponsor: Mark Stephens


CHS is privileged to have an Interact Organization sponsored by Cullman Rotary Club.