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Leo Club



The Leo Club, the high school program of Lions Club, stands as a dynamic platform fostering leadership, service, and personal development among high school students. As a student-led organization, Leo Club emphasizes community service, encouraging its members to actively engage in impactful projects that address local needs. Through these initiatives, students not only contribute meaningfully to their communities but also develop essential life skills such as teamwork, communication, and project management.

The club's affiliation with Lions Club provides students with valuable networking opportunities, connecting them with experienced professionals and mentors. The Leo Club is dedicated to instilling a sense of civic responsibility, ethical behavior, and compassion in its members. Participation in Leo Club activities enhances students' overall college and career readiness, highlighting their commitment to service and leadership.

In essence, the Leo Club serves as a catalyst for high school students to cultivate a strong sense of community engagement, leadership, and a lifelong dedication to making a positive impact on society.


Leo Club Sponsor: Donna Brunetti

CHS is privileged to be sponsored by the Cullman Lions Club. 


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CHS Leo Club Featured in International Video

CHS Leo Club is featured in this international video promoting the Leo Club organization.  Our club members can be seen at the 3:17 mark in the video.

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