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FACS students cooking
Cullman High School

Popular class offerings at CHS are the Family and Consumer Science classes.  Students can enroll in FACS & Foods, Parenting or Food Innovations and Media. 

Our FACS course are designed to prepare our students for a variety of real-life situations.  From parenting to food innovations, our students are provided with hands-on opportunities to master many life skills.  One of our students' favorites is the Food Innovations and Media class.  Students are given the opportunity to learn how to express their creativity through food. Students explore national and international foods, preparation techniques, and special occasions. Students are introduced to food styling, food photography, using and applying social media and digital design techniques, and trends in the food industry. Various techniques of food presentation, banquet/catering services, plating food, and types of food establishments are also covered. Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), an integral part of the curriculum, enhances leadership development skills, and provides opportunities for community service.