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NCAA Eligibility


If you are an athlete who is considering playing at the college level, it is very important that you prepare.  Here are a few tips:

  • Know the Rules! - Make sure you are familiar with the NCAA's rules on eligibility.  For more information, look at the attached quick reference sheet and visit the NCAA Clearinghouse website.
  • Register with the NCAA Clearinghouse - Student athletes must register with the NCAA Clearinghouse to begin the eligibility process.
  • Send your ACT Scores - Students must send ACT scores directly to the NCAA.  They will not accept copies or scores from the school.  When you register to take the ACT be sure to list them to receive a report.  If you've already taken the test you can log in to your online ACT account and request that the scores be sent.  However, requesting after the fact will most likely incur a charge.
  • Request Your Transcript - Once you've registered with the clearinghouse, you will need to request that your transcripts be sent to them.  Be sure to request this each year.  You can request transcripts by clicking here.



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